We are Southern Baptists.


We are Southern Baptists who are long-term supporters of the Cooperative Program and SBC missions efforts, who believe in the authority of the Bible and that our leaders should be held to its standards and should be above reproach.


However, the actions of NAMB's Leadership have not been above reproach.


Instead of using the money given to them by SBC churches to strategically reach North America, NAMB has buried it in assets and used it as a weapon to seize control of State Conventions.


NAMB must become accountable, transparent, and must work to restore the integrity of the cooperative.


In order to do that, we call NAMB to...


  • REPORT the actual dismal results of its strategy
  • REVEAL the true NAMB financial situation, the actual accumulated assets and expenditures, and remove nondisclosure agreements from conventions who signed new Strategic Partnership agreements and whose employment with NAMB has been terminated.
  • REPLACE the leaders who have failed to meet Biblical criteria with others who act with integrity.


We are calling for reform.

Who We Are