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Is NAMB Allowed to Interfere in State Conventions?

 That is what NAMB’s defense attorneys are saying in its legal case with Dr. Will McRaney.

On November 2nd NAMB filed a 3rd motion for dismissal, arguing a legal defense that makes claims that are in direct opposition to over a century of SBC cooperative mission partnerships and polity. (Read More)


2007 STILL Holds the Record for Annie Armstrong -

When You Put the Numbers into Context.

Monday it was announced that the 2018 Annie Armstrong Easter Offering was the largest in history.  While it is true that it is the largest dollar amount, it is not the largest... (Read More)


Where do Annie Armstrong Funds Go?

NAMB states that 100% of the funds it receives from donations through Annie Armstrong goes to the field. We ...decided to edit their chart to more accurately reflect the reality of how Annie Armstrong funds have been used under the direction of NAMB's President, Dr. Kevin Ezell. ... (Read More)


Property Concerns

Transparency should be  hallmark of Southern Baptists, yet it is one of the biggest ways we need reform.  Recently NAMB has aggressively purchased real estate as a part of it's church planting budget.  And while we believe most are justified, there were a few that have raised concerns ... (Read More)


Questions Loom

Recent events prior to his nomination raise serious questions about NAMB's handling of his nomination.  NAMB’s leadership should address these concerns to not only all the trustees, but to the State Conventions, Local Associations, and churches that Johnny Hunt is supposed to be working with on his new task... (Read More)


NAMB is Less Transparent than Planned Parenthood.

According to NAMB, an organization that is supposed to uphold the highest standards of the Christian faith, was rated LOWER than an organization that murders unborn children.   Don't believe it?  Check out... (Read More)


Burying their Talent

We donate money to NAMB  for them to strategically send that money out and invest in the kingdom. However NAMB has buried vast amounts money... (Read More)


NAMB's Church Planting Shell Game

Since 2013 we have seen a massive spike in church planting spending. Despite that spike in resources, church plants are almost down 50% from 2010. One of the answers for this is that NAMB has drastically cut support for existing churches. A second possible answer is that NAMB is now gone into the real estate business... (Read More)