Despite Dr. Ezell’s statement above, hundreds of millions of Cooperative Program dollars have been stockpiled rather than going back into the field.


It has been reported that actual NAMB guidelines mandate a reserve fund in the neighborhood of $70 Million.  Instead, reserves have swollen to $223 Million.  Assets are up to $423 million, and investments are up $77 million from 2010.  Even taking into account NAMB's astronomical spending on church plants, it seems that a lower percentage of the funds NAMB receives is making it out to the field.


Property Purchases

NAMB has purchased a lot of property for "infrastructure" recently.

In their 2017 report NAMB stated that, "NAMB is providing 89 missionary residences scattered among the Send Cities to enable planters to settle into their assignment for the first six to twenty-four months of their ministry..."

In actuality although houses had been purchased in Send Cities, empty land and homes purchased not in or near Send Cities. In fact some of the homes purchased were luxury homes like the $415,000 condo purchased in Alpharetta, Georgia or the $475,000 home purchased in Tucson, Arizona that is listed below.


List of Properties

Below is a list a growing list of properties that were purchased by NAMB that were either not in Send Cities, or had other questionable circumstances.

  • $475,000: 5141 N Apache Hills Trl, Tucson, AZ:  - 117 miles from closest Send City
  • $415,000: 9025 Woodlands Trail, Unit 13 Alpharetta, GA:  Condo - Located in same town as NAMB Headquarters, 30 miles to closest Send City
  • $260,000: 206 Roundhouse Ln., Morrisville, NC - 266 miles to Closest Send City
  • $279,000: 309 Mainline Sta, Morrisville, NC - 266 miles to Closest Send City
  • $352,000: 514 Park Place A  West Palm Beach, FL - 70 miles from send City Churches.


Soon to Come:

  • $85,000 empty lot in Pittsburg for a house
  • 2 Houses in OKC - Nearest Send city is 353 miles away.
  • 2 Houses in LA, including one for a worship leader, not a church planter.



Luxury Homes


In 2016, your donations were used to purchase 5141 N Apache Hills Trail, Tucson, AZ 85750.  That property is not in a Send City and cost $475,000 in a city where the average home price is $179,000.  Even other homes in the same area of Tucson can be found for almost $200,000 less.


Check out on zillow what Annie Armstrong donations bought.


Or check out the photogallery below.



Assets: $

Reserves: $

Property: $

Support Ministry Budgets: $


 "Southern Baptists don't give sacrificially so that we can leave money unspent."

- Dr. Kevin Ezell, Baptist Press, November 13th, 2015.


Actual financial reports indicate, that massive amounts of money from Cooperative Program receipts have  not been spent but instead stockpiled in reserve funds, investments, and property that could possibly be sold and converted back into cash.

  • Total Assets: $423 Million (Up $66.5 Million from 2010)
  • Reserves: $223 Million (up 415% since 2010)
  • Total Operating Budget: Down $16.5 Million (down 12% since 2010)


When church plants and baptisms are at record lows, why has NAMB's leadership stockpiled funds rather than sending them out to the front lines?

When church plants and baptisms are at record lows, why has NAMB's leadership stockpiled funds rather than sending them out to the front lines?


Misuse of Funds


Property & Luxury Homes

Where is the Money Going?