According to

NAMB is Less Transparent than Planned Parenthood...


According to NAMB, an organization that is supposed to uphold the highest standards of the Christian faith, was rated LOWER than an organization that murders unborn children.   Don't believe it?  Check out the how NAMB ranks and then check out how Planned Parenthood ranks.


Even other large organizations such, CRU, Salvation Army and Samaritan's Purse meet all 20 standards that set for charities.


Why did NAMB fail to meet the standards of transparency?  As stated by


1. NAMB does not have an effectiveness policy.  NAMB failed because the board of directors does not have a written policy stating that, at least every two years, an appraisal be done assessing the organization's performance and effectiveness and determining future actions required to achieve its mission.


2. NAMB does not have an effectiveness report, a written report that outlines the results of the aforementioned performance and effectiveness assessment and recommendations for future actions.


3. NAMB does not have detailed break-down of expenses.


4. NAMB does not have a budget plan that the BBB was able to verify.


5. NAMB does not have  an annual report that includes a roster of the board of directors, and total end of year net assets (specified for 2015).


6. NAMB did not tell (BBB) what security measures they have in place to protect donor information.


There are several factors of the rankings that may not have been able to access or was not given, but we should be concerned and call for transparency for issues 1, 2, and 3.


NAMB should have an effectiveness policy that is not just a statement from Dr. Ezell saying, "It's working".  We should have a clear standard of effectiveness that calls NAMB to account when they do not meet it. Lastly we should have a detailed breakdown of expenses.  NAMB is purchasing a lot for "infrastructure" that has sometimes looked like a luxury home in Tucson.


NAMB should be the standard of honesty and transparency financially.  Instead, we can't even rank higher than Planned Parenthood.